Frequently asked questions


Who is the app for?

Band of Mothers is designed for any person who identifies as a mother and wants to connect with other moms and the brands who support them.

Who created this app?

Band of Mothers was created by Band of Mothers Media (Happy Sad Cake LLC), the same team who created The Pump and Dump Show and The Pump and Dump Podcast.

What is your Zero Tolerance Policy?

Our mission for this app is to provide a safe space for community, resources, support, humor, friendships and communication between moms. It is also our mission to promote civil, responsible discussions - even when opinions differ. The truth is, there are all kinds of moms who are raising their kids in the best ways they can, and we respect that. We also love that we can learn from other people with different points of view and parenting approaches. What we do not respect are trolls and bullies, and anyone posting or commenting with disrespectful, rude or inflammatory language. We want you to behave on this site in the exact way you tell your kids to behave: with kindness and respect and anything less than that will not be tolerated. If a user flags another person for unacceptable behavior, that user will receive a public warning from our admin. If a user is flagged a second time, their profile will be disabled and they are no longer welcome on BOM. Zero. Tolerance. Because nice people are WAY more fun to be around.

Am I allowed to curse in my posts?

Yes, but please don’t go on an expletive-filled rant that’s going to offend a bunch of well-meaning mamas. That’s just not a good way to communicate and it will get you flagged for sure.

Can I create a private group for all the moms in my kids dance class, for example?

At this time third-party groups (i.e. groups not native to the BOM app) are reserved for paying businesses only. These are different from the BOM Public Groups in the app created by us, for you. Paid groups include but are not limited to: national brands, blogger/writers, local businesses, podcasters or media companies. If you would like to submit your company or yourself for a paid group page you can enter all your info here:
We tell you upfront that these groups are paying to be on our app so you know and understand our structure. Because they’re paying for a group, you will not see any sponsored posts interrupting your feeds. We also ask brands to respect our public/open groups and not shamelessly self promote if the group topic is not relevant. Basically, we want you to have the best, least-invasive experience possible so that you can truly enjoy and grow with this community.

What does the green check mark mean?

The green check mark denotes two things:
a profile that manages a paid group
our own admin team so you know who we are :)
This is not a “I’m cooler than you influencer” checkmark. We don’t want that type of formulated pressure here. This is a “hey y’all I’m paying to be here to connect with you and I’m super happy about it” checkmark.

What are BOM Deals?

Band of Mothers deals are sponsored posts offering super awesome deals and discounts created exclusively for members of our community. Anyone is welcome to purchase space on the BOM Deals wall. Simply fill out the form here:

Can I request a public group to be created?

Totally! We love any and all input from our community! If you have an idea for a group, please email with your request.


How do I search posts?

At this time, BOM is searchable by hashtags. To search, simply tap the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of your screen and search for whatever your heart desires!
Looking for potty training advice? Search #pottytraining
Looking for marriage tips? Search #marriage
The possibilities are endless! Be sure to tag your own posts to make it searchable for other moms!

Can I delete posts?

Of course! First go into the detail view of the post by tapping on the post’s info banner which contains your username and number of likes, etc. Once in the detail view, click the icon at the bottom left hand corner of the post and you will be given the option to delete your post.

Why can’t I share posts outside of the app?

The Band Of Mothers app includes plenty of exclusive content that is not available anywhere else. Anything that’s exclusive cannot be shared to make sure it is only available to users of the app.

Can I save content to view again later?

Not just yet! This feature will be available in a future release. For now, we recommend simply screenshotting the post.


Can I add someone as a friend from the wall?

Sure can! If you see someone on the wall that you would like to connect with, tap on their avatar - this will take you to their profile which will have a button that will allow you to send them a friend request.


How do I change my profile photo?

Go to your profile by tapping your name in the menu and tap your profile photo to change it.

How do I log out of the app?

To log out you can go to your profile page by clicking on your username in the menu and then clicking “settings” - you will then see an option to log out.