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about shayna + tracey

Shayna and Tracey have been friends since the 8th grade. After living on separate coasts after college, they ended up back in their hometown of Denver, CO once they started their families and officially became #Breeders. They created The Pump + Dump Show in 2012 with the vision of using humor and generosity to support moms in the trenches of new parenthood.

Over the next eight years, their little monthly show at a neighborhood bar grew into a nationally touring production with three casts and more to come. In October of 2018, they created their weekly Band of Mothers Podcast and launched the Band of Mothers app, a group-based social media platform for moms, the following year. BOM recently added MomsWhoMakeMoney.com to their platforms: a blog dedicated to providing job and income opportunities that empower and inspire women in search of work-life balance. Band of Mothers Media is the culmination of all of these branches of Shayna and Tracey’s business, their “Band of Mothers” message, and the amazing team that supports it.

With combined backgrounds in social media, PR, theatre, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, producing, directing, writing, digital marketing, graphic design, e-commerce, long baths and dancing like idiots in the kitchen, Shayna and Tracey have cultivated all of their skills to build a production company, a social app, a blog with a job board, merchandise, and an audio platform for meaningful conversations – all for moms.

BOM Media is committed to bringing creativity and authenticity to its #BandOfMothers through the content and communities they create.



This is a description of the episode, including guest, tags/highlights, etc.

This is a description of the  episode, including guest, tags/highlights, etc.


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