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We want to hear from you! Each of our episodes features amazing moms like you with REAL experiences that bring us together as a #BandOfMothers. You can't write this stuff! 

 We will be in touch if we can feature your message for all the #BandofMothers to hear!

What is the Band of Mothers Podcast?

Join Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, friends since the 8th grade and creators of the wildly popular comedy show for moms, The Pump and Dump Show, for a weekly, variety show-style podcast featuring real moms’ stories, games, original comedy music and fascinating guest interviews. High vibe, hilarious and wide-eyed, with no topic off-limits, these moms make sure you end each episode feeling like you laughed as much as you learned something, and that you truly belong to a #BandofMothers.

How do I tell you my story?

See below for the themes of the stories we are currently looking for.

You can leave us a voice message by CLICKING HERE or on the button above... OR... you can DM us on Instagram @bandofmothersofficial... OR... you can email us at

Will my story be on your podcast?

We will absolutely let you know if we are able to feature your story on the podcast. We will also let you know if we need to hear more or less based on your message, and there will be editing involved, so don't be afraid that your voice message is a final draft. Just share!

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